We can cater to a wide range of professional and personal printing needs from routine to one-off projects and designs.  

Please contact us for any enquiries or quotations.

High quality digital printing and copying
Colour and black & white printing or photocopying is our speciality.  With the latest technology we are able to print up to SRA3 on 350 gsm stock at 2400 dpi.  The use of superior printing and finishing equipment enables quality production of all your printing needs.  There is also a self-service copier available for regular customers.

High quality wide format
Large format printers allow high quality photographic and display posters to be printed up to a width of ~ 900 mm (but with length as required).

Plan printing, scanning and copying
Quality reproduction of architectural and engineering plans (A4 to A0) with scanning up to 600 dpi.  

Gloss and matt laminations are available for sizes up to 900 mm wide (with length as required).

Wire coil binding up to maximum spine width of 16 mm and plastic coil binding up to 50 mm. Documents can be bound with a variety of colours for backing cards and coils and finished with clear covers.  Saddle stitch staple binding is also available for booklets.

Scanning of photos or documents in colour or black & white (flatbed or roller) is available up to SRA3 size at 600 dpi . Also large format scanning (roller only) up to 600 dpi up (maximum 841 mm x 4000 mm).  Images scanned can be converted to jpg, png, pdf or tiff and emailed or transferred to a memory stick/flash drive.  We can also do restoration work or enhancement of images.

Business documentation
We can print, customise and/or finish high quality bespoke documents that will help promote your business -
business cards, corporate proposals, menus,brochures, leaflets, booklets, flyers, letterheads, envelopes, postcards, display or presentation posters, reports, compliment slips, marketing cards, tags/swing-tags, newsletters, vouchers, catalogues, desk pads, note pads, stickers and labels, dairies, calendars, wall planners, etc.

  • Business cards printed on a range of card stocks from matt, silk, gloss and textured up to 350 gsm.
  • Flyers printed at A7, A6, A5, A4 or other custom sizes in black/white or colour on quality paper.
  • Menus and brochures folded in styles to suit your promotion.
  • Posters for presentation or display that are printed on quality stock from 90 - 200 gsm (matt or satin/gloss).
  • Stickers and labels - a range of pre cut sizes and shapes (rectangle, squire and circle) on standard matt or gloss, transparent or vinyl stock.
  • Legal bundles - copying, printing, collating, tabbing, pagination, hole-punched and can be bound with wire or plastic coil or put into folders.
  • Paper/card stocks of 80 - 350 gsm with matt, silk, gloss or textures available as well as a range of coloured stocks.
  • Overgloss highlighting available.

Personal documentation
We can print, scan, customise, laminate and finish high quality personal or gift projects - artwork, photo images, folded cards, invitations (birthday, occasion and wedding), postcards, bookmarks, tags, funeral cards/booklets, photographic posters, stickers and labels, etc.  We can provide coloured envelopes which are made in New Zealand.

Word processing and design
Word processing and typing services are available and we also can provide basic design services depending on your requirements. 

Finishing services
These include - padding, guillotining, trimming, stapling, hole-punching, corner cutting, folding, creasing, collating and mounting.

Other services and products
We also provide faxing and emailing services.
Copy paper, speciality papers, envelopes, labels, OHP/transparency, tracing paper, flash drives, DVD/CDs, etc, plus a select range of designer cards, tags and diaries are available for purchase.


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